Thursday, August 26, 2010

Marvel's X-Men vs Agents of Atlas samples

Doing some sample sequential pages for Marvel in between my normal work. Going slow at it because I'm super-busy, but having fun. Kinda wish I could just abandon the pencils and do my normal approach, sketch/ink/color/letter or paint/letter. Feels more natural and that's what I want to do for them eventually anyway, but have to prove myself as a penciler first. Hard to break in as a full-production artist right off the bat.

Oh, and these are "real" pencils, they're penciled digitally using Photoshop and the Axiotron Modbook Apple Tablet Computer.

Thank you for looking! Love to hear your thoughts!



Urban Jointz said...

Great stuff and good luck! I'm somewhat confused though... Haven't you already done work for Marvel? Wit the look of your work I figure they'd be breaking down your door already!

Also, are you coming by the New York Comic Con?

Ray Dillon said...

Thank you very much!!

I've done some various work for Marvel, inking, coloring, cards, etc. But never drawing book full-time. So, that's what I'm working on!

I'm not sure if we will be at NYCC now. We're supposed to have Artist Alley tables, but we'll have to see. Just had a baby, so travel is a bit up in the air.

Lavonne said...

These sketching looks better .