Monday, July 09, 2007

DC Comics: Legacy sketch cards!

This is a project I've been excited about for a LONG time and really wanting to talk about. Well, they're all done and turned in and the news has been made public, so I can blab about it a bit. ;o)

It's called DC Legacy and features the evolution of these popular DC characters over since their creations.

I ended up doing 500 cards for this set, drawing a lot of my favorite characters in all their different incarnations. So awesome!

Anyway, here are some of the cards. As more are made public I'll post them.

*Click for Larger*

And several other Goats worked on them as well:

(Right to left: Renae De Liz, Me, Jeff Welborn, Brent Engstrom)

See more of their work and news about this set here here.

Thanks fer lookin'! ;o)



Matt Butcher said...

Hi! I found Brainscan comics, but for the life of me am having a difficult time finding any email or contact addresses. I am Matt Butcher, editor for and would love to find out more about Brain Scan and your stuff to promote on my independent comics website, and possibly review some stuff for the site too. Please let me know what I can do for you.

LDahl said...

Ray, November is almost here... are you going to go for it again this year?

bakatron said...

really nice. i always wondered about sketchcards and their dimensions - always sort of daunted me because im used to drawing big with large elbow strokes.

the way youve crammed all those details in are awesome!

Brianna Therry said...

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