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See the video below to watch these brushes in action!
Just a quick example, but should give you an idea of what's possible both in ink and white over ink.

Art, Video, and Music by Ray Dillon

Great for inking, illustration, & concept art!

Get the same tools I've used to ink for Marvel, DC, IDW (and many more comics publishers) as well as create concept art and animation for Ridley Scott's "Prophets of Science Fiction" for The Science Channel!

Natural brushes, dry brushes, textures, halftone pattern, fx, and organic repetitive objects:
chains, leaves, windows, bricks, scales, birds, trees, bubbles, glass shards, glass, spiderwebs, stars.

And you know the cool cross-hatchy textures around figures in panels? Some of those, too.

Fast and efficient! Yes, you're capable of rendering a million bricks or leaves or shards of glass or windows or whatever, but you don't always have time to do that and you're probably past the point of needing to proof that you're capable of that. I've created organic variation brushes that allow you to look like you did have that time! And you can always work with them after you've laid down your base to give it your own spin. We have the technology to take out the time-sucking repetitive tasks, why not use it??

I've developed these brushes after 10 years of thinking "Man, I wish I had a brush that could ______!" and "I am so sick of drawing/inking ______!" Fill in the blanks. Finally just made all the brushes I found myself needing over and over again!

*Will be emailed to the email address attached to your Paypal account
(unless you make a note otherwise) shortly after you purchase! Thank you!

The following are really quick examples of what can be done.

The following are really quick examples of what can be done.
Real inking takes time and fines, of course.

Real pages from Marvel Comics
and other publishers using these same brushes!

Image created very simply with my hatching brushes (see neck)
birds and sharp leaf brushes for the bats. Took about 10 minutes.

Also includes one of my realistic pencil rendering brushes!


Hunter said...

Done and done!

Susan Oven said...

I purchased the brush set. I have not received them via email yet. How long does it take?

PedroStudio said...

I purchased the brush set. I have not received them via email yet. How long does it take?

RAY DILLON said...

Hey, I'm sorry, I didn't get notifications for these comments. Susan Oven and Pedro Studio, if you have not received them, please email RayDillonGGS@gmail.com and I'll send them right over. I don't have this on an automated system.

Martinez said...

Thank you for using my Guide and if it work for you that makes me happy.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Alberto Hernandez said...

I purchased your set yesterday morning and have not received anything in my email.

Anonymous said...

How long do i have to wait until i get them brushes? :P

Alexander said...

Bought mine yesterday but still havent recieved them. Tried mailing you :P